Q: Will I get the job done, isn’t it risky to hire someone on the other side of the globe?

A :SL BPO is committed not only to provide a low cost solution, but a comprehensive job which will match the professionalism of employees in your own country. We will send you the resume of VA’s so that you can decide who should be allocated for the project. They work in a modern office environment with the necessary infrastructure in place to get the job done. There can be constant communication via the dedicated phone line (eg: for a USA customer a USA number) or Skype etc. 

Q: How will SL BPO give us a professional service at a lower cost?

A : SL BPO is based in USA and the cost of living is substantially lower compared to Western countries. Therefore we can hire professionals at a comparatively lower cost to do the same job done by an employee in your country. The hired professionals would receive a package more attractive than if they work for a local company. As a result SL BPO could easily hire experienced professionals for the services offered. The in-house QC system will assure that there is high attention to detail of the final outcome. 

Q: What qualifications do SL BPO employees posses?

A : Minimum qualification for recruitment of a VA is a college degree. We have experienced staff who are highly skilled with Masters Degrees in Business Administration, IT, and Marketing.  

Q: Information I deal with is sensitive so how can I safeguard such information if I outsource?

A : We will enter in to a legally binding contract i.e a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your information. Further we will sign a non-disclosure bond with our staff. Some clients prefer strict privacy of their work therefore we have firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) for inbound and outbound security. These systems do not have external storage devices such as floppy/CD drives/USB ports, etc. 

Q: I need a VA to work during my working hours, is it possible?

A : Yes. Most of our VA’s and teams work during client’s working hours depending on the client requirement. 

Q: What kind of services can I obtain and how can I pay for them?

A : Please refer Services section of the webpage for a list of solutions and Pricing for information on our fees and payment method. 

Q: Who will keep me posted on the progress of the project?

A : We will assign an Account Manger who would communicate with you on the project progress. He would select the best suited VA or team for the project. The Account Manager would be an experienced professional in the chosen field and will guide the team to meet your project expectations. You can correspond with the Account Manager and give your feedback on the progress and recommend any changes to the project. 

Q: Are there any legal implications when hiring outsourced employees?

A : You do not have to go through any legal work relating to employment because SL BPO employees are governed and protected by local employee laws and rights. You are receiving a service for which you pay a fee and there is no extra cost. 

If you would like to receive more information regarding our services or have any other queries please Contact us